Our Team has become increasingly aware of the growing need for a professional and reliable in house team of graphics installers. We are committed to exceptional service and incomparable customer care, including quick response times from our office staff. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our range of services based on how we can best serve North America

We are proud to have the largest 3M Preferred Install Team in Western Canada. With their industry knowledge and history of accomplished installations, they can help you out in any situation necessary. With a Team that Boasts 6 Full time Installers, we can accomplish any kind of install you may have. Every Premier team member started as an installer, allowing everyone to understand your project from its foundation through to the finished product. Check out our full team below.

TAYLOR SELLINGER | General Manager & 3M Preferred Installer

JORDAN SORLEY | Operations Manager & 3M Preferred Installer

MARK SORLEY | Founder & Senior Account Executive

PAUL BATTS | Senior Account Executive

BRETT SOLYLO | 3M Preferred Installer

TAYLOR CUMMINGS | 3M Preferred Installer

JOSH TROLL | Graphics Installer

SIMON KAN | I.T Specialist

ISAAC NERY | Graphics Producer

MIKE JENSEN | Senior Prepress

REBEKAH MAY | Controller

ABBY STEARNS | Senior Pre Press

ADRIAN BARTON | Junior Producer

ASHTON DELZER | Junior Producer

KAILEY GREY | Executive Assistant


MORIAH CUMMINGS | Account Executive

SUE ZHANG | Senior Graphics Producer

JAGIT VAGHA | Prepress

KAMYAB VAHABIADL | Graphics Producer

CARLOS ALATORRE – Graphics Installer

NIK OLSEN – Graphics Installer

DAMANJOT SINGH – Graphics Installer


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phone: +1 604 696-2222 

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