The Voxel Bridge Project: Merging Innovation and Public Art

May 9, 2024 | Wall Coverings


The Voxel Bridge Project under the Cambie Bridge in Vancouver, BC, is not just an art installation; it represents the cutting edge of blockchain-based augmented reality in public spaces. This landmark project, facilitated by Premier Graphics, exemplifies how innovative digital technologies can transform traditional public art into interactive experiences.

Challenges Encountered

From the beginning, the project faced logistical hurdles, including a lack of access to essential utilities like water and electricity. The creative solutions employed by Premier Graphics to overcome these issues laid the groundwork for the sophisticated technological applications that followed.

Innovative Solutions and Technologies

The initial stages required inventive logistics, such as mobile pressure washing systems and large diesel generators to prepare the site. These solutions, critical in the early phases, supported the intricate technological integration that was to come, showcasing Premier Graphics’ capability to adapt and innovate under challenging conditions.

Development of New Tools and Techniques

The project’s complexity increased with the need for specialized tools to handle varying surface textures. Premier Graphics played a crucial role in developing high-heat foam rollers and adapting tools for precise material application. This bespoke tooling was vital for the accurate and efficient installation of the artwork, crucial for the augmented reality integration.

Integration with Digital and Augmented Reality

At the heart of the Voxel Bridge Project is its blockchain-based augmented reality component, which allows visitors to engage with the artwork in dynamic and immersive ways. Using blockchain technology ensured that each interaction was unique and securely recorded, offering a new level of interaction and experience in public art. Premier Graphics worked meticulously with AR specialists to embed this technology seamlessly within the physical installation, using Lidar scanning for precise execution.

Impact and Legacy

The incorporation of blockchain and augmented reality not only set a new benchmark for interactive public installations but also demonstrated Premier Graphics’ leadership in embracing and implementing advanced technologies. The project serves as a beacon for future endeavors in the digital transformation of public spaces, highlighting the potential for merging technology with artistic expression.


The Voxel Bridge Project is a testament to the power of technological innovation in enhancing public art. Premier Graphics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the signage and installation industry was pivotal in realizing this project. As they continue to explore new technologies and methods, their work on the Voxel Bridge Project remains a standout example of their ability to blend creativity with cutting-edge technology to create unforgettable public experiences.


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