Case Study: Premier Graphics’ Vehicle Wrap for Dos Amigos Food Truck

Mar 13, 2024 | Case Studies

In the challenging landscape of 2020, Dos Amigos Food Truck was born, introducing a taste of west coast-style Mexican street food to the lower mainland. Attending festivals, markets, and specializing in catering, Dos Amigos quickly recognized the need for enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement. This case study explores the collaboration with Premier Graphics to create a vehicle wrap that not only transformed the truck’s aesthetic but also significantly propelled the business forward.


Dos Amigos carved a niche for themselves by efficiently serving hundreds from their compact food truck, marking a significant achievement given their limited space. The owners, reflecting on their journey, noted the pivotal role of visual branding in their expansion, stating, “I believe now that it’s essential to invest in a quality design.”


As Dos Amigos grew, they encountered various obstacles, including managing time, inventory, attracting new customers, and maintaining cash flow. Balancing these operational challenges with the need to stand out in a crowded market led them to consider enhancing their food truck’s visual appeal. Initially leaning towards simpler graphics, they soon realized the potential impact of a full vehicle wrap in overcoming these hurdles.

The Premier Graphics Solution

Premier Graphics was tasked with designing a wrap that vibrantly depicted Dos Amigos’ essence and the allure of Mexican cuisine. “More Impressions Means More Sales,” the Dos Amigos owner remarked, emphasizing the transformation of the truck into a “moving billboard” that captivated a wider audience. The design process was collaborative, ensuring the wrap was not only eye-catching but also deeply connected with the Dos Amigos brand and appealing to the local community.


The vehicle wrap made an indelible mark on Dos Amigos’ business. “When we drive our truck, it targets specific local areas, reaching potential customers in the food business’s target market,” the owner explained. This strategic approach meant the truck’s presence in various locations significantly increased brand awareness, inquiries, and sales. The wrap’s design, with its vibrant colors and cultural motifs, was key in drawing attention, leading to enhanced visibility and continued interest in the brand, even outside business hours.

Reflecting on the decision to invest in a full wrap, the owner shared, “It was the best decision, to be honest. Our eye-catching wrap generates interest, leading to increased inquiries and potential business leads. It also provides continuous visibility, even when the business is closed, maximizing exposure to our clients.” This underscores the wrap’s role in not just overcoming the initial challenges but also in setting Dos Amigos apart in the competitive food truck industry.


The partnership between Dos Amigos and Premier Graphics exemplifies the transformative potential of strategic branding and visual communication. The vehicle wrap project not only boosted Dos Amigos’ visibility but also highlighted the importance of quality design in professional branding and customer attraction. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of vehicle wraps as a marketing tool, particularly for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression and navigate through industry challenges.


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