Premier Graphics and Jessica Angel Unveil Interactive Art Project Under Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge

May 29, 2023 | Case Studies, Wall Coverings

Canadian graphics production and installation company Premier Graphics, in collaboration with renowned artist Jessica Angel, has brought a vibrant interactive art project to life beneath Vancouver’s iconic Cambie Street Bridge. This unique endeavor combines striking vinyl graphics with cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology, providing viewers with an immersive and dynamic artistic experience. In this case study, we will explore the remarkable partnership between Premier Graphics and Jessica Angel, delving into the materials used, the technical aspects of the installation, and the profound impact it had on the local community.

A Transformative Art Installation

Underneath the Cambie Street Bridge, pedestrians are now greeted with an awe-inspiring sight—colorful graphics adorn the walkway, supporting columns, and the bridge’s underside. However, Premier Graphics and Jessica Angel took this project to new heights by incorporating augmented reality, effectively transforming the two-dimensional vinyl mural into a captivating three-dimensional masterpiece.

Engaging the Community with AR Technology

Passers-by are encouraged to participate in this interactive project by downloading the Vancouver Biennale app, available free of charge. Armed with their smartphones, they can then walk through the installation and witness the graphics come alive in a virtual reality experience. By seamlessly merging physical and digital realms, viewers are transported into a realm of solid art structures, enabling them to explore various aspects of the project and engage with the artwork on a deeper level.

Impressive Results and Testimonials

Taylor Sellinger, partner and general manager of Premier Graphics, based in Richmond, British Columbia, expressed their enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The virtual reality experience developed is amazing when paired with the graphics; it is certainly the most impressive piece I’ve been involved with so far.” This collaborative effort between Premier Graphics and Jessica Angel has yielded a truly remarkable outcome, captivating the imagination of those who encounter it.

Materials and Techniques

To bring this vision to life, Premier Graphics utilized Drytac’s premium products. The printed film sections of the project were created using Drytac’s Polar Grip white polymeric self-adhesive film, while Interlam Pro Emerytex PVC overlaminating film was employed for the floor graphics. For the pillars and ceiling, Interlam Pro Matte pressure-sensitive overlaminating film was chosen. Premier Graphics relied on their state-of-the-art HP Latex R1000 Plus machine to print all the graphics required for the Vancouver Biennale project.

Balancing Creativity and Practicality

Throughout the project, Premier Graphics faced the challenge of working within a limited budget while ensuring the durability and safety of the installation. Sellinger explains, “We needed to fit the client’s budget with a material that was likely to last 18-24 months and meet the slip-resistance requirements for the safety of the public.” Drytac’s Polar Grip film emerged as the ideal choice due to its excellent adhesion to rough and unfinished concrete surfaces, offering both longevity and slip-resistance.

The collaboration between Premier Graphics and Jessica Angel under the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver exemplifies the fusion of artistic expression, cutting-edge technology, and quality materials. By blending captivating vinyl graphics with augmented reality, the project has transformed the bridge into an interactive canvas that captivates the senses and inspires the imagination. Premier Graphics’ commitment to innovation and their partnership with renowned artist Jessica Angel have resulted in a groundbreaking art installation that will leave a lasting impression on Vancouver’s artistic landscape.

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