Premier Graphics and Drytac ViziPrint: The Perfect Combination for a Festive Facelift

Jan 28, 2021 | Case Studies

The winter season ushers in a time for transformations. In Vancouver, local skincare business Project Skin MD rang in the festive season with an eye-catching window graphic, made possible by the collaboration of Premier Graphics, a full-service graphics production company, and the innovative use of Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear film.

The Challenge: Designing a Festive Graphic

Project Skin MD put forth an exciting challenge to Premier Graphics: to design, print, and install a festive-themed window graphic for its state-of-the-art skincare facility in South Granville, Vancouver. The task called for a solution that would deliver a detailed, clean, and seamless appearance. After careful consideration, Premier Graphics opted for Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear film for the job.

The Solution: Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear Film

ViziPrint Impress Clear, a product specifically developed for application on glass and other smooth, flat surfaces, was the ideal choice. Not only does it allow for trouble-free, bubble-free wet installation, but it also offers exceptional clarity for vibrant and detailed designs. Printed using white ink on a Konica Minolta AcurrioWide UV Printer, the resulting window graphic perfectly captured the festive spirit that Project Skin MD envisioned.

Installation in Cold Weather: No Problem!

One of the key advantages of using Drytac’s ViziPrint Impress Clear film is its performance under various weather conditions. As Jordan Sorley, operations officer at Premier Graphics, explained: “This was a relatively cold weather install, only about 6 or 7 degrees Celsius, but the ViziPrint Impress worked very well. It is a strong and stiff PET material that doesn’t stretch which was a huge benefit when aligning panels with a detailed design.”

The finished graphic didn’t just meet the client’s expectations, but its removable feature also ensured time and cost efficiency for Project Skin MD on removal day. And for those environmentally conscious, it’s important to note that ViziPrint Impress Clear is a PVC-free film, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Conclusion: Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

With the largest team of in-house certified installers in Western Canada, Premier Graphics continues to impress with its commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Despite the challenges of 2020, the company is poised for growth, planning to add new staff and expand its equipment range.

The successful partnership of Premier Graphics and Drytac on the festive graphics project for Project Skin MD illustrates the potential of collaboration and innovation in the graphics industry. As the New Year approaches, this successful endeavor sets a promising precedent for more creative projects to come.

In conclusion, the choice of Drytac’s ViziPrint for festive graphics projects seems to be a ‘no brainer’ for companies like Premier Graphics. It offers the perfect blend of aesthetics, ease-of-installation, and environmental responsibility – all critical ingredients for success in today’s graphics industry.


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